LuxaScope Sonus Adult Flex Stethoscope

LuxaScope Sonus Adult Flex Stethoscope

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LuxaScope Sonus Adult Flex Stethoscope - Select From 3 Colours

Available in 3 colours: (Select from the dropdown list)

  • Black ( MLMG1.212.114 )
  • Navy Blue ( MLMG1.212.214 )
  • Grey ( MLMG1.212.314 )


  • Twin head stethoscope for adults.
  • Diaphragm diameter: 43mm, length 75cm.
  • Includes spare parts set (Each one pair of soft and hard ear tips, 5 disposable diaphragms and 5 diaphragm rings) and name plate.
  • Ergonomically shaped stainless steel head piece with a reinforced spring for extended shelf life comfort.
  • Stainless steel chest piece for superior acoustic quality.
  • High performance glass fibre diaphragm with a non chill ring.
  • Screwable soft ear tips, adjusts to the shape of the ear.
  • Y-tube with 3-way sound transmission connector guarantees good resonance.
  • Latex-free, and no use of phthalates (i.e. DEHP free)